Membership Data

Receive VIP cards for 2 named adults and children under 18 that provide free admission, parking, and Zoo rides each time you visit for one year!
Curator 1 ‪$‬2500.00
Curator 2 ‪$‬3000.00
Curator 3 ‪$‬3500.00
Curator 4 ‪$‬4000.00
Curator 5 ‪$‬4500.00

If this is a gift membership, you'll need to assign the gift recipient as the membership "Owner". Click on the "Owner" name link and select a recipient from the list of existing relationships on your account. If your gift recipient is not listed hit "FIND". You will need to enter the gift recipient's CRM# (5 or 6 digits) along with one other search criteria to proceed. If you do not have their account number please call 415-753-7097 for assistance.

  • 9999999 Member Events
  • 999999 A
  • 999999 B
  • 999999 C
  • 100000 Merch A
  • 100000 Merch B
  • 10000 Merch C
Benefits may change per price type.
Your Curator membership also includes:

- 2 additional VIP cards to provide full Guardian privileges to your friends and family when they visit the Zoo!
- Invitations to exclusive Wellness Center lectures and presentations
- All benefits of a Keeper level membership