Holiday Happiness!
Holiday Happiness!
Here at the San Francisco Zoological Society, as we think of sharing special meals and gifts with family and friends during the holidays, we want to do the same for the nearly 2,000 animals that call the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens home.

Giving Options

  • $7,500 - Nutrition Center Refrigeration Upgrades
  • $5,000 - Exercise Balls for Rhinos/Hippo
  • $2,500 - Bear Cub Exhibit Improvements
  • $1,000 - Fresh Fish for Grizzly Bears
  • $500 - Beds for ZooMobile Animals
  • $300 - Treats for Childrens Zoo
  • $250 - Bamboo for Red Pandas
  • $100 - Big Cat Enrichment
  • $25 - Toys for Primates
The San Francisco Zoological Society is a non-profit institution that raises funds for the animals, staff, and operational needs of the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. All of us at the Zoo strive to provide our animals with the best possible care each and every day. We promote animal wellness through exhibit improvements, nutritious meals, and engaging mental and physical activities. With more than 250 species on display, this commitment requires significant funding, and we need your help to make this all happen! 

* Please note, these are representative examples of what your gift can fund