Adopt-an-Animal: Reindeer
Adopt-an-Animal: Reindeer
Your Adopt-an-Animal donation will be used to support these majestic creatures and further the San Francisco Zoological Society’s mission to connect people to wildlife, inspire caring for nature, and advance conservation action.

Giving Options

  • Founding- $1000
  • Protector- $500
  • Advocate- $250
  • Friend- $100
  • Basic- $50
Celebrate the holiday season by adopting the animals who help Santa deliver presents to all the children in the land! Besides carrots and cookies on Christmas Eve, a reindeer’s diet consists of leaves, and grasses and occasionally lemmings, arctic char and bird eggs. In North America, these animals are called caribou in the wild and reindeer if domesticated. They are the only deer species to be widely domesticated. Reindeer have many adaptations that make them well-suited for their life in cold climates. Two thick layers of fur help keep them warm in freezing temperatures, and their noses will heat cold air before entering their lungs. In the winter, reindeer footpads shrink and harden so that the rim of the hoof is exposed, allowing them to cut into the ice and snow for a firmer grip. In the spring, those footpads expand, giving them extra traction on the soft, wet ground.
Be sure to visit our very special guests and see what they look like up close and on the ground, for a limited time this holiday season at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens!