Adopt-an-Animal: Asian Forest Scorpion
Adopt-an-Animal: Asian Forest Scorpion
Your Adopt-an-Animal donation will be used to support these formidable invertebrates and further the San Francisco Zoological Society’s mission to connect people to wildlife, inspire caring for nature and advance conservation action. All sales are final.

Giving Options

  • Founding - $1000
  • Protector - $500
  • Advocate - $250
  • Friend - $100
  • Basic - $50
The Asian forest scorpion is found in humid tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. They are an aggressive, nocturnal, active scorpion that is usually darkly colored with lobster-like pincers. When a suitable victim wanders by, the scorpion grabs the doomed creature with its pincers and stings the prey. They, along with 50 species of invertebrates, are living in the Insect Zoo at the San Francisco Zoo.