Membership Data

Receive VIP cards for 2 named adults and children under 18 that provide free admission, parking, and Zoo rides each time you visit for one year!
Guardian ‪$‬1000.00

As a part of this membership you receive:

  • 999999 Member Event
  • 999999 A
  • 999999 B
  • 999999 C
  • 10000 Merch A
  • 10000 Merch B
  • 10000 Merch C
Benefits may change per price type!
Your Keeper membership also includes:

- One-time use tickets for admission, rides, and parking for Guardian guests
- Invitations to special Guardian events, which can include behind-the-scenes exhibit tours
- Exclusive previews of new exhibits before they open to the public
- And so much more!